Increased ferrite options from Celestion

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Increased ferrite options from Celestion

UK-based driver specialist Celestion has announced three additions to its catalogue, all of which boast ferrite magnets. They are the 1-inch exit CDX1-1070, 2-inch exit CDX20-3020 and the CF1840H, which becomes the latest model to join the company’s CF series.

Intended for use in compact, two-way systems, the CDX1-1070 is driven by a 1-inch copper clad aluminium voice coil, delivering a reported 12W (RMS) power handling and 106dB sensitivity across a frequency range of 1,500Hz to 20kHz. It features a single piece PETP diaphragm and its surround is held in place by an aluminium carrier. The ferrite magnet device is fabricated using thermoplastic with two M6 bolts. Acoustic foam is also utilised to minimise internal air cavity resonances.

Aimed at larger format applications, meanwhile, is the 2-inch exit CDX20-3020, with a 3-inch copper clad aluminium voice coil driving a titanium diaphragm. According to Celestion, the model delivers 75W (RMS) and 107dB sensitivity across a frequency range of 500Hz to 18,000Hz. The recommended minimum crossover frequency (at 12dB/octave) is 1kHz. Optimised using finite element analysis (FEA), the CDX20-3020 also uses the manufacturer’s ‘Sound Castle’ diaphragm clamping assembly, applying even clamping pressure on the diaphragm surround, while reducing stress on the diaphragm during operation.

Finally, the CF series of ferrite equipped loudspeakers has been joined by the CF1840H. Available in 4Ω impedance, it features a 4-inch multi-layer voice coil, provides 1,000W (RMS, AES standard) and 98dB sensitivity.

Delivering long throw (Xmax) as well as high sensitivity, the CF1840H has been designed as a multi-purpose LF solution for reflex, horn-loaded or band-pass subwoofer designs. It can also be used as a bass unit in a large multi-way system. Also onboard is Celestion’s proprietary BAV (Balanced Airflow Venting) for magnet assembly cooling.

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