Joining the ensemble

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Joining the ensemble

Matrox has announced that Ensemble Video has added support for the Matrox Monarch LCS lecture capture application for its online video and management and distribution platform. The Ensemble Video Platform is capable of video capture, management and publishing, allowing house of worship to disseminate their message worldwide over a variety of networks.

Monarch LCS generates H.264-encoded video streams at bitrates up to 30Mbps, with scaling, deinterlacing and noise-reduction engines to maximise the resulting image quality. When streaming, the encoders use either RTMP or RTSP protocols to deliver live streams to local or cloud-based media servers. When recording, they write MP4 or MOV files to local USB drives, SD cards or network-mapped drives editing for archiving post use. The Matrox solution allows simultaneous dual-input for those seeking to capture two sources from the same location, or any place a dual camera setup or a camera and computer source need to be encoded simultaneously.

‘The newest integration of Ensemble Studio with the Matrox Monarch LCS is a significant step forward for our combined customers as it provides a straightforward capture and video management solution for any organisation. In locations where a single input is required, the Monarch HD offers a robust yet cost-effective option for houses of worship,’ states Andy Covell, Ensemble chief executive.

The manufacturer’s LCS solution itself has also received a firmware upgrade that introduces operations scheduling and the ability to better manage network consumption. Through the new scheduler function, Monarch LCS can be set to start automatically before an event, without any human intervention required. The scheduler supports the iCalendar file standard, which can be generated by a variety of scheduling applications including Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. Allowing identification of multiple devices on a single master calendar, when the schedule is imported to a Monarch LCS appliance, it will reportedly automatically start and stop streaming and recording events at times corresponding to that individual device.

The solution also now boasts the ability to record files locally to an SD card or attached USB drive and then transfer the data to network-mapped drives at a later time, thus avoiding data loss during peak-hour transfers due to errors or connectivity issues. Transfers can be triggered manually or pre-programmed to occur at a preset time each day.

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