LaON’s digital wireless intercom systems go mobile

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LaON’s digital wireless intercom systems go mobile

LaON Technology has added to its series of digital wireless intercom systems with the release of the mobile LT150. The mobile intercom system comprises the MBS150 mobile base station and the BP150 beltpack, as well as the BAT150 and BAT50 rechargeable battery packs for the MBS150 and BP150 respectively. The BAT-CHG125 battery charger powers up the battery packs.

The system reportedly provides interference-free and license-free UNII band 5GHz operation and features AES256 encryption technology to avoid unauthorised wiretapping and interruptions. Duplicated communication coverage is offered to add reliability via what the manufacturer describes as Triple Diversity: space, time, and frequency. This ensures that the strongest signal is selected from a pair of antennas and is transmitted and received at two different times on a pair of different frequencies.

With its two antennas, the system also includes a vertical and horizontal antenna setting, designed to assist with the selection of the strongest signal, as well as to prevent dropouts. Meanwhile, the LT150 system can facilitate three independent talk groups with each beltpack able to be assigned to either a single group or several. Another feature is the remote controlling ‘unlatch’ functionality, which allows users to cancel unintentional transmission from a base station to a belt pack; LaON notes that this is particularly useful when a user forgets to turn off their device. The MBS150 and BP150 units both possess an OLED display of the menus.

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