Latest Lawo update goes live

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Latest Lawo update goes live

The latest software update from German manufacturer Lawo for its mc2 series mixing consoles has added several new features geared to the HOW, theatre and live sound markets. This upgrade has occured following ‘significant demand from customers to use our consoles’ in these environments. Consoles running version 5.8 now feature Module ISO to prevent certain settings from being loaded from snapshots, or to create partial snapshots that only affect certain channels or modules. Aside from this, the update provides Ravenna audio-over-IP integration for Neumann DMI-8 digital microphone interfaces.

Also in line with increased use of the manufacturer’s consoles on the live side of the industry, a new interface card for Lawo’s modular Nova73 processing and routing core has been unveiled that will provide native Dante support for its mc2 consoles. The 981/65 card features four redundant Dante ports with 64 channels each, resulting in a total capacity of 256 audio channels per card.

‘Whilst the broadcast industry embraced AES67 and Ravenna as the audio-over-IP standard, Dante has a significant footprint in the install and live sound markets. With the new interface card customers can now connect their Dante-based equipment directly to our mc2 consoles’, explained Lawo’s live sound specialist, Hervé de Caro.

With the aim of further supporting the live sector, Lawo has already announced plans to add 96kHz Ravenna operation in the near future, as well as a network-optimised gain compensation.

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