Lawo aims to offer improved audio control options

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Lawo aims to offer improved audio control options

Lawo is offering users more affordable and personalised audio control with its iOS Remote App update and newly announced VSM Snap. The Remote App update reportedly enables functions of Lawo HD-core-based systems to be controlled remotely, as well as allowing control of all source related settings. Additionally, the VSM Snap aims to offer users a smaller control tool that allows the basic functionality on an LSP pushbutton panel at a lower cost.

The iOS update also allows end-users to load snapshots and pre-configured functions, including monitoring sources, setting of cross points, as well as triggering GPIOs or Start/Stop control of external devices, Lawo has stated.

Meanwhile, according to the company, the VSM Snap can be used to control third party gear directly, and as a backup router control solution for a VSM system. The system calls on regular LBP pushbutton panels extended with a memory module and specific software. This allows the LBP panel to natively talk router control protocols without the need for a VSM server. The panels are available in sizes ranging from 17 to 51 buttons as 19-inch and desktop models.

Lawo stated that the product’s functionality is focused on cross point control, and specific VSM Snap software is supplied to configure the panel as required. The panels can be run across the same network, connecting them to the same third-party device.

The VSM Snap is available for six types of panel, including the LBP 51, 34, 17, 24 and 8 Snap panels, as well as the LBP 32 DT Snap panel.

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