M.1K2 Madi router gets smarter

Published: PRODUCTS

M.1K2 Madi router gets smarter

DirectOut’s M.1K2 Madi routing system has been given new functionality in the form of an LUA Scripting Engine and SFP.IO SMART I/O board. With the new LUA engine, the 16-port Madi system can be configured with live and predefined function calls (Salvos) using scripts triggered by definable hot keys. According to the manufacturer, this allows the unit to respond quickly to critical circumstances, such as a system failure, and to implement complex command sequences.

The SFP.IO Smart is a new I/O board that enables Madi signal quality analysis and the interrogation of information using SFP modules. Dedicated signal level information, SFP media and their performance characteristics are can be viewed through the system’s web interface, with any errors occurring permanently logged.


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