Marshall Electronics gets a new POV

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Marshall Electronics gets a new POV

Adding the ability to capture targeted local audio, Marshall Electronics has extended its Pro-Series POV Camera range. The latest additions come in the shape of the CV505 Mini Broadcast Camera and CV345 Compact Broadcast Camera, both of which are described as utilising ‘next generation chip sets’.

In more specific terms, the CV505 and CV345 use 2.5 megapixel sensors for HD performance with, the manufacturer says, improved low-light performance as compared with previous models. The CV505 is built around a ⅓-inch, 2.5 megapixel sensor, set in a 1.5-inch body with a 3.7mm (interchangeable) lens. The CV345 also features a ⅓-inch, 2.5 megapixel sensor, but housed within a 2.5-inch body with a CS/C lens mount and DC auto-iris.

Crucially, both models support the embedding of audio on 3G/HD-SDI and HDMI feeds simultaneously when it is captured via a 3.5mm TRS stereo input (using 2.5V supplied power).

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