Master Fader v4.5 supports Axis

Published: PRODUCTS

Master Fader v4.5 supports Axis

Mackie has released a free update for its Master Fader iOS app. Master Fader v4.5 provides support for the manufacturer’s Axis digital mixing system in addition to delivering control for the DL32R, DL1608 and DL806 digital mixers. Due to popular demand from Master Fader’s existing user base v4.5 also offers new reverbs with a new advanced control section.

To assist users in balancing volume across the audible spectrum in the form of a visual tool, the update adds a spectrograph to the app’s real time analyser (RTA). The combined RTA/spectrograph tool has been made visible on every input channel, which was not the case with the RTA feature alone, prior to the update.

Additional features include new factory presets for EQ, dynamics and FX, new metering ballistics options, such as the select the time period that the meter holds an RTA peak level for, and the ability when saving an FX preset to include the FX return EQ.

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