Maui moves to the next generation

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Maui moves to the next generation

Adopting updated technical solutions and user-friendly features, LD Systems has introduced second generation MAUI11 G2 and MAUI28 G2 active column systems. Like their predecessors, the MAUI 11 G2 and MAUI28 G2 have been designed as easy-to-use PA systems in small- to medium-sized venues. The respective outputs of the MAUI 11 G2 and MAUI 28 G2 cabinets have been increased using Class-D amplifiers to 500W and 1,000W RMS respectively. Portability has also been enhanced as the weight of both column systems has been reduced and the MAUI 11 G2 can now be assembled from two sections.

Housed in 15mm plywood and finished in either black and white, the MAUI 11 G2 and MAUI 28 G2 cabinets accommodate three 6.5- and two 8-inch LF woofers respectively, whilst the corresponding aluminium column sections feature 16 3-inch and eight 3-inch drivers. Coupled to BEM (Boundary Element Method) optimised waveguides for improved sound dispersion, newly developed dual 1-inch neodymium tweeters comprise the HF sections. Four-channel mixers with Hi-Z input options, stereo line inputs and Bluetooth audio streaming have been integrated into the new designs providing added flexibility. Auto-adaptive 24-bit signal processing with LD System‘s own DynX DSP technology enhances distortion-free audio. Accessory kits promote the speaker columns to be used separately from the subwoofer in wall mounting applications with two options, whilst a stand is also available for positioning the columns next to the subwoofer.

As well a second-generation version of the MAUI11 and MAUI28, LD Systems has introduced a third generation of its Stinger speaker range, promising a ‘significant improvement’ over previous models. The Stinger G3 series comprises 8-, 10-, 12- and 15-inch passive and active full-range cabinets, as well as two 15-inch and 18-inch subwoofers. The cabinets are constructed from 15mm or 18mm birch ply, while an abrasion and impact-resistant polyurea plastic coating helps to prolong longevity during mobile use. All of the active speakers are equipped with Class-D amplifiers.

The dispersion characteristics of the full range models has been enhanced in the HF range over the previous generation. LD Systems’ proprietary DynX DSP technology can also be found onboard, and offers four one-touch tuned presets – full range, satellite, monitor and flat – for different applications. In addition to three different high-cut filters, the active Stinger G3 subwoofer’s DSP presets also feature a cardioid option.

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