More Access for ETC’s Unison Echo range

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More Access for ETC’s Unison Echo range

The Unison Echo range of architectural lighting solutions from ETC has been bolstered with EchoAccess and the DMX Scene Controller. According to the manufacturer, the two additions allow users to configure and customise self-contained systems, presets and zones while ‘maintaining system-wide control’.

Via a Bluetooth interface and a smartphone app, EchoAccess allows users to remotely configure and control lighting zones, presets and colour with either an Android or iOS device. Password protection is also included for varying levels of system access.

Meanwhile, the DMX Scene Controller uses snapshots to capture lighting looks and save them for recall by Inspire stations. When combined with EchoAccess, the DMX Scene Controller reportedly allows for lighting hue, saturation and colour to be modified locally or remotely. ETC will also soon add the Echo Expansion Bridge to the range, allowing Echo systems to campus-wide control installs.

In other news from the manufacturer, the MCX Node has been added to its rigging portfolio. An Ethernet-based I/O accessory for the ETC Foundation controller, it reportedly facilitates communication between Foundation and connected hoists, thereby increasing the standard 48-axis capacity to 96 axes of control. The Node also uses the same topology as all pre-existing Foundation, QuickTouch and QuickTouch+ controllers.

Finally, Irideon FPZ has joined the manufacturer’s architectural catalogue. Based on the Source Four Mini LED platform, it includes features such as zoom optics, lockable three-plane shutters and the ability to dim using either DMX or a local dimming knob located on the DataTrack adapter. Output is reported to be more than 800 lumens, which is 33 per cent brighter than the Source Four Mini LED. It is available in white, black, silver, or custom colours.

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