More power, longer throw, same size

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More power, longer throw, same size

The best of Nexo’s Geo series is now available in a single 10-inch format with flexible mounting options.

Developed with long-throw theatre and live music applications in mind, Nexo has unveiled the latest Geo loudspeaker in the form of the M10. The speaker is stated to be twice as powerful as it sibling, the GEO M6, while drawing on structural and acoustic innovations developed in the STM modular series. However, its silhouette is still similar to the M6.

The M10 houses a single 10-inch neodymium LF driver paired with a 1.4-inch titanium diaphragm HF driver. The cabinet itself is an injection-moulded reticulate urethane co-polymer enclosure with a footprint measuring 531mm x 288mm x 355mm. There are two versions of the M10 cabinet, offering 12.5° and 25° of vertical dispersion. Both offer 80°/120° horizontal dispersion which can reportedly be configured manually, without tools, by removing the magnetic grille and adjusting the flange fixing system. The cabinet weights 21kg and can be ordered in the full range of RAL colour options.

According to the French manufacturer, the use of the single 10-inch driver offers several advantages over the more commonly used double 6-inch, the principal benefit being ‘a much lower frequency response from a two-way cabinet, while the box keeps a narrow profile and its height provides for tighter inter-cabinet angles.

A new companion subwoofer has also been launched alongside the GEO M10. The MSub15 weighs 36kg and is operable in in omni or cardioid mode thanks to front and back connection plates. The MSub15s are the same width as the M10 cabinets, but two subs are equivalent in height to three M10s. They include large composite bumpers on each corner and side handles.

The M10 can be flown or groundstacked, with or without the MSub15, while up to 12 M10 or 8 MSub15 modules can be combined in a single flown column. Alternatively, the M10 elements can be groundstacked on top of the MSub15s with between -12° to +12° of tilt.

Another highlight of the new cabinets is the use of an internal three-point rigging system with automatic locking. Two different bumper options are available, both with optional expansion bar, as well as an extension accessory for groundstacking.

For power, Nexo’s NXAMP4x4 TDcontroller is capable of powering up to four M10 or three subs per channel. The system can be controlled over a network using Dante, Ethersound or an AES/EBU digital expansion card.

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