More Xcellence from Amate

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More Xcellence from Amate

Spanish manufacturer Amate Audio has extended its Xcellence series of point source enclosures, both revamping the existing models and adding a 14-inch coaxial full range enclosure, the X14T, for the touring market. Two subwoofers have also joined the range in the shape of the X21T for touring and the X21D for installation in nightclubs. All Xcellence T (for touring) models are powered with onboard DSP and network control, while D (for Disco) models are passive with a water-repellent finish.

Boasting a 14-inch woofer in a coaxial assembly, the X14T can be pole mounted for front of house sound reinforcement or placed on its side for stage monitoring applications. Rated at 1,000W plus 500W, the bi-amplified enclosure has a maximum SPL (at 1m) of 128dB (continuous) / 131dB (peak), with a frequency response of 46Hz to 20kHz. It offers 80-degree x 80-degree coverage, is constructed out of multi-layer Baltic birch plywood and weighs 22.6kg.

Meanwhile, both the X21T and X21D incorporate 21-inch woofers with 5.3-inch voice coils. According to Amate, the 2,500W, Class-D X21T delivers a stated maximum SPL (at 1m) of 133dB continuous (136dB peak), and a frequency response of 28Hz to 120Hz. In contrast, the X21D is rated as offering 3,600W of program power with an impedance of 4Ω, maximum SPL (at 1m) of 98dB (1W) / 134dB (continuous), and a frequency response of 28Hz to 140Hz.

In addition to the new cabinets, the range’s existing models have been revisited, with reported results including improvements in power handling and SPL. Some cabinet volumes are said to have decreased by almost 20 per cent. Accordingly, the X15T and X15D – both two-way, 15-inch designs – are now more compact and lighter than previously, with a new compression driver. Similarly, the X18T and X18D compact subs now boast an extended low frequency response. Finally, the X218W3K double 18-inch sub is now available in a passive configuration, rated at 6.8KW.

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