Multi-format Kula to shake up market

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Multi-format Kula to shake up market

SAM’s multi-format switcher Kula switcher builds on the heritage of the Kahuna range to combine SD, HD and 4K capabilities

Snell Advanced Media (SAM) is promising to ‘seamlessly mix any format, up to and including 4K’, with its compact Kula production switcher. Equipped with ‘FormatFusion3’ technology, the switcher is described as having been ‘built on the heritage’ of the manufacturer’s award-winning Kahuna switcher, but at a more budget-conscious price point.

At the heart of the switcher’s appeal is a recognition of how the market has changed, argued Tim Felstead, head of product marketing at SAM. ‘Content is being captured and delivered in a wider range of formats than ever before and all of it within the same production workflow,’ he commented. ‘Additionally, we’re seeing content creation explode beyond the traditional broadcast sphere – there are a number of organisations that want to benefit from high production values in order to achieve the flexibility and onscreen result they desire.’

Accordingly, Kula has been designed to offer ease of installation and set-up with a workflow that can reportedly be turned to multiple applications specifically including houses of worship.

Looked at in more detail, the switcher is capable of handling 4K/1080p/HD and SD in 1M/E and 2M/E versions – the 2M/E HD/SD version can be switched to 1M/E 4K mode. Users are also presented with a choice of three control panels, each of which is in turn expandable with additional control modules from the Kahuna Range. Other features include up to five key layers per M/E, 20 channels of DVE and floating/auxiliary keying resources plus up to 36 inputs and 18 assignable outputs. Finally, an extensive internal clip and still store is onboard.

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