Multiple-camera productions over LAN with Sony

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Multiple-camera productions over LAN with Sony

Houses of worship can configure multiple camera set-ups over a local area network (LAN) using the NXL-IP55, a new live production unit from Sony that allows users to transmit up to four HD-SDI video streams (three downstream and one upstream, or two downstream and two upstream).

Additionally, the unit – measuring half a rack unit – supports up to 10 (eight upstream, two downstream) audio channels, including intercom and control signals such as tally, GPIO and generator locking, all through the same LAN cable. All signals are transmitted via a 1Gbps link, reportedly delivering low latency of less than half a frame of video signals depending on the network environment.

Also new is the 4K-ready PVM-X300 30-inch, 4096x2160 resolution monitor which is reportedly capable of displaying over four times full HD resolution. Among the features is Sony's TriMaster architecture for improved colour and picture quality, while the monitor can also incorporate a 4K player for ease of content handling.

Finally, worship environments are among the target applications for the PMW-1000 XDCAM HD422 recording deck, a half-rack sized recorder boasting two SxS memory card slots and VTR-like jog/shuttle operations. The recorder is intended to enhance XDCAM HD422 workflow.

While recording decks are becoming less prevalent in more contemporary, non-linear production environments, the concept of the PMW-1000 is to provide a smooth transition between SD and HD by offering a ‘linear-like’ operation. Hence, the recorder drives an XDCAM HD422 workflow with tape-like operation including linear ingest with RS-422 control and linear editing (as player) with jog/shuttle control. According to Sony it also provides ‘outstanding MPEG HD422 picture quality’ as well as eight channel HD-SDI, 24-bit audio and XAVC Intra HD record/playback.

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