Multiple new designs from Beyma

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Multiple new designs from Beyma

Beyma has launched several new transducers incorporating its pressed steel frames in the designs. The 10WRS300, 12WRS400 and 15WRS400WRS low frequency woofers in the WRS series integrate a ceramic magnet circuit design for use in a wide range of pro audio applications. Equipped with fully waterproofed cones together with 2-inch and 3-inch copper voice coils respectively, the 10-inch and 15-inch models provide sensitivity ratings of 95dB and 99dB (1W at 1m) each offering 300W and 400W (AES) of power handling.

Integrating Maltcross patented technology promoting an efficient cooling of the voice coil and hence reducing power compression losses, the MCS series includes the 10MCS500, 12MCS500 and 15MCS500 woofers. Optimised for two- or three-way PA systems and line arrays, the 10- and 12-inch versions come with 2.5-inch copper wire voice coils and are capable of producing 500W (AES) power handling.

Particularly designed for column systems and diverse compact cabinets, two new three-inch transducers join the Spanish manufacturer’s Full Range (FR) frequency transducer portfolio, which come with a new motor structure assembly. Whilst the 3FR30 incorporates a ferrite magnet system, the 3FR30Nd is a neodymium magnet version, operating within a 180Hz to 20kHz frequency range, with a sensitivity of approximately 91dB. Features include steel baskets, demodulation copper caps and paper cones and treated cloth surrounds.

For high efficiency applications in the mid-frequency range, the 6MCF200Nd and 10MCF400Nd neodymium speakers are manufactured with carbon fibre cones and cast aluminium sealed frames to isolate the moving parts from the back of the driver. Incorporating 2- and 4-inch aluminium voice coils, both units deliver a linear working band focused to the mid frequency range of line arrays and high performance systems.

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