Next-gen analogue-to-digital conversion

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Next-gen analogue-to-digital conversion

Building on the success enjoyed by the Horus and Hapi networked audio interfaces, Merging Technologies has developed its ‘new generation of A/D cards that embrace the latest innovations in technology’. This new generation currently comprises two siblings in the AKD8D and AKD8DP, the former serving as the standard version with a range of up to 192kHz PCM, whereas the latter extends the range up to 384kHz while also offering all DSD formats up to DSD256 and including DXD.

Following in the footsteps of their forefathers, the AKD8D and AKD8DP A/D cards feature direct analogue out connections, as well as a Ravenna/AES67 connection, phantom power switching, phase reversal and low cut filters, which can be set locally from the unit’s front panel or remotely from the control room.

The Swiss manufacturer claims a ‘dynamic range of better than 120dB is easily achieved’ with the new A/D cards and states that the ability to select the optimal impedance for condenser or dynamic microphones can be done on a channel-by-channel basis, featuring as part of the input stage.

Meanwhile, to ensure that gains are switched near to zero, an analogue detection feature has also been included and coupled with each converter’s DC servo loop. Designed to ‘guarantee that the offset is under 1mV over the whole gain range up to a maximum of 66dB’, this means that any clicks caused by switching the gain settings are suppressed. Also of note is that the AKD8D and AKD8DP are described as offering ultra-low distortion and noise floor at low levels in addition to reduced latency and a lower power consumption than their predecessors.

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