Next-proaudio aims at install with Kubix

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Next-proaudio aims at install with Kubix

The result of a long-term R&D project within the Portugal facility of Next-proaudio, the Kubix range of single point source enclosures has been designed for use in the installation sector. Comprising six two-way coaxial models, the range is intended to help system designers build bespoke solutions with Kubix cabinets.

The launch of Kubix sees Next-proaudio heavily targeting markets including nightclubs, bars, restaurants, convention centres, hotels, museums and houses of worship. The models are reportedly able to adapt equally well to use in stand-mounted configurations or wall-mounted.

Starting the range is the passive, 5-inch K5, with extended LF, followed by the K5+, also a 5-inch passive design but increased sensitivity in the higher frequencies. A larger option is the 8-inch, passive K8, which is complimented by the K8A, an 8-inch active two-way model with DSP. Finally the passive K12 and active K12A are both 12-inch models, the latter with onboard DSP. The active versions are powered by integrated Class-D modules, while the networkable DSP offers a total of eight adjustable presets, six of which are pre-loaded.

For additional low-end, two subwoofers are available in the shape of the 10-inch, active K10s, and the 12-inch active K12s. Both are capable of powering external passive satellites such as the K5, K8 and K12, as well as other units from the manufacturer’s range. Finally, the enclosures can be supplied in either blank, white or any RAL colour to special order.

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