Next-proaudio takes the hard work out of subwoofer arrays

Published: PRODUCTS

Next-proaudio takes the hard work out of subwoofer arrays

Portuguese loudspeaker manufacturer Next-proaudio has developed a new Acoustic Simulation Tool (AST) for 2D modelling of either single subwoofer setups or subwoofer arrays. Intended to aid Next-proaudio owners when deploying subwoofers into a venue, the tool is stated to be ‘extremely intuitive and easy-to-use’. The simulator allows the user to simulate in 11 different ISO 266 spacing frequencies (20Hz to 200Hz) and is capable of predicting the acoustical performance of the subwoofers, helping the user to find the best solution for a given venue with multiple sound sources.

AST includes a database of Next’s subwoofer models, containing sensitivity, maximum power and cabinet dimensions. Several different parameters can be tweaked, including orientation and vertical stack (up to four units), as well as electronic parameters that can be also individually configured, such as polarity, delay and gain (the gain value can be calculated according to the feeding amplifier power). To achieve the maximum phase calculation precision, the speed of sound is calculated taking into account the humidity, temperature and altitude. The resultant coverage simulation is mapped, showing the SPL distribution throughout the venue. With a listening point (a virtual microphone), the user can predict the frequency and phase response in a desired location. The software permits up to four listening points simultaneously. The user only needs to indicate how far the virtual measurement will be taken and click to trace. A polar plot is also available and will be displayed in a separate window alongside other important information such as Q, DI and -6dB angle.

The difficult and time-consuming task of setting up virtual subwoofer arcs has also been streamlined with the tool’s Virtual Arc function. Based on the acoustical beam aperture (0- to 90-degrees), the Virtual Arc tool performs the necessary calculations and presents the required data (sub location and delay) to input into a DSP audio processor.

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