No holes barred at Symetrix’ Prism

Published: PRODUCTS

No holes barred at Symetrix’ Prism

Joining the Prism 4x4 and Prism 8x8, which feature four and eight inputs and outputs respectively, Symetrix’ newest Prism Series device, the Prism 0x0, serves as the DSP core of a Dante network and permits expansion via 64 channels of bidirectional Dante networking, in addition to delivering processing, mixing and routing for Dante-enabled endpoints.

‘The Prism 0x0 has many applications,’ says senior product manager, Trent Wagner. ‘For example, a lot of digital consoles have Dante but don't offer feedback elimination, auto-mixing, and FIR filters for processing loudspeakers. Simply insert the Prism 0x0 between the remote stage-input boxes and the console, if Dante-enabled, or use the Prism 0x0 as an insert or bus processor. For outputs, relay the signals through the Prism 0x0, if the amps are Dante-enabled, or insert it on the console's buses.’

According to the manufacturer, devices in the Prism series feature the same digital signal processing power, mic preamps and AD/DA converters as Symetrix’ Radius and Edge products to provide 64 channels of bi-directional Dante networking. DSP, analogue audio and converter technologies are reported to be identical in all four products.