Nucleus squared

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Nucleus squared

Having enjoyed success and won award for its Nucleus professional DAW controller, audio interface and studio monitoring hub, Solid State Logic (SSL) has released the Nucleus2. In response to customer feedback, the updated console adds to its predecessor’s multi-DAW control, console grade mic pre, DAW I/O and studio monitoring capabilities with the inclusion of talkback, main/mini monitor switching and Dante connectivity. On a, Nucleus2 also differs from its forefather on a superficial level, as it comes in a white finish.

The talkback input feeds the headphone output with an adjustable gain. A button labelled ‘TALK’ has been added to the surface and triggers a switchable -20dB DIM if required for the monitor outs. Also included due to popular demand is a monitor button that compares different systems’ mixes.

The SSL Dante Network I/O audio interface included on Nucleus2 takes the place of Nucleus’ USB soundcard. The new system features an inbuilt network switch and a pair of Ethernet ports: one that connects to a computer; the other for connecting other Dante-enabled devices to a setup. The manufacturer has also made it possible to switch the talkback signal to feed a second channel of Dante, facilitating for remote communication.

Following the addition of its δelta-Control system to the AWS console line, SSL has released some updates to the stereo channel/in line channel model, the AWS 948 δelta. The update comprises a pair of new channel features. The first is the inclusion of rear panel stereo channel output connections, which in a single pass enable stereo channel mode stem recording and in place, post pan, stereo stem generation in In-Line channel mode. The second new feature is in the form of a soft key on the ‘Chan Setup’ page that allows users to insert In/Out switching on In-Line channels independently. Enhancements have also been made to the signal flow GUI on the console’s screen.

Finally, the manufacturer has been adding to its SSL Live L500 and L300 consoles with the release of the V3.2 software update as well as a new control app for iPad named TaCo.

The software update provides the SSL Live consoles with over 20 improvements and new features. These include integrated Dante I/O module sample rate conversion, sample rate support for Dante 48, 96 and 192 kHz with AES67 compatibility and a streamlined control workflow, which adds quick control assignment options and the channel control tile screen layout.

Meanwhile, the SSL Live TaCo iOS app enables wireless control of the consoles over Wi-Fi. It has been designed to be intuitive for users of all levels, from monitor engineers to performers. It can be limited to allow a user to individually control an aux mix, or used to control all mixes from a single interface. To supply personal mix control to several performers at once, up to 10 iPads running the app can be connected simultaneously. The app’s Menu and Bank buttons can be repositioned on either the left or right of the screen, depending upon the user’s writing hand orientation.

Making use of the manufacturer’s Query technology, TaCo allows for only the channels that are contributing to the selected aux to be displayed, negating the need to navigate through irrelevant channels. Input cannels can also be categorised into sub-groups via the Live console’s Stem groups. The app is available for free on the App Store and users require an L300, L500 or L500 Plus console operating with V3.2 software or higher.

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