Opening Pandoras Box becomes a collaborative effort

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Opening Pandoras Box becomes a collaborative effort

Pandoras Box 6.0 is the latest media server launched by Christie. Designed for use in a range of applications, including projection mapping and multimedia events, it can be operated as a standalone playback device, network playback client or in console mode to offer direct DMX Control. The manufacturer states that ‘Pandoras Box combines the newest rendering technology with intuitive media and show control’.

Therefore, Pandoras Box 6.0 sees the addition of new features to aid in control. These include the Multi User mode, which enables multiple operators to divide the project workflow between them into individual tasks, such as warping, content encoding and timeline programming. Alternatively, users can work on the same sequence at the same time. Other improvements include editable meshes and warps, the inclusion of UV map adjustments and live canvas masking and painting functionality, accessible from within the preview window.

Complementing Pandoras Box 6.0 is Widget Designer 6.0, which enables the creation of dedicated user interfaces, as well as interaction logic, via the connection of visual control components. A redesigned HTML5 user interface with native HTML support is incorporated with 6.0, as are animations and transitions for all pages and widgets. Meanwhile, new composite nodes facilitate the integration of node-systems with reusable custom nodes.

At the other end of the signal chain, Christie has also unveiled a new series of videowall displays as part of its Aspect family. The Christie Extreme series consists of four models: FHD553-XE, FHD553-XE-R, FHD553-XE-H and FHD553-XE-HR of varying brightness levels that all offer an optional redundant remote power supply. The manufacturer claims that with the release of the Extreme series, the Aspect family now offers a complete range of product options, including bezel size, brightness, power, connectivity and price.

The main feature of the Extreme series is an extremely narrow bezel allowing for the creation of ‘near-seamless’ videowalls.

The models feature advanced panel matching – the brightness and colour of each panel comes pre-calibrated, while the Smart Light Control feature can automatically adjust the brightness of each panel for uniformity across the entire videowall to maintain consistent performance throughout its lifetime. With an OPS slot, these panels accept a variety of embedded processing modules, such as Christie’s Phoenix EP.

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