P.Audio enters touring market with VIA

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P.Audio enters touring market with VIA

Comprising of the VIA-8 and VIA-12 cabinets, together with the VIA-SUB cardioid and SB-218 subwoofers, the VIA line array system marks P. Audio’s introduction into line array technology.

Capable of producing a maximum continuous SPL of 126dB, the VIA-8 and VIA-12 enclosures are fully-powered, two-way line array cabinets loaded with two 8-inch neodymium woofers and 3-inch large format compression drivers. Whilst the 8-inch woofers feature a neodymium motor structure with aluminium shorting rings for reduced distortion, the HF compression driver is a three-inch design featuring a Mylar surround. The two line array cabinets differ only in dispersion with the VIA-8 offering an 80-degree x 15-degree pattern and the VIA-12 providing a 120-degree x 15-degree pattern.

The VIA-SUB is a fully powered cardioid subwoofer that utilises a rear-facing 12-inch woofer to effectively cancel the sound radiation behind the cabinet and to control LF feedback issues. The newly-designed, forward-facing 18-inch woofer uses double neodymium magnets for high flux. Loaded with two 18-inch neodymium woofers utilising two neodymium magnets, the SB-218 has been designed for applications requiring high levels of LF reproduction.

Each VIA enclosure incorporates 1,500W RMS amplification that is matched to the DSP with 96 kHz AD/DA converters, incorporating the latest FIR technology for providing linear system phase. An RS-485 connector in each component facilitates remote control with the included software for editing single cabinet parameters. The software allows adjustment of the graphic EQ, delay times and gain, together with real-time monitoring of the amplifier status.

The rigging for the VIA series is designed to support up to 16 VIA-8 or VIA-12 cabinets or eight VIA-SUB cabinets, for which the three-point design allows for a simplified set up. The side and rear rigging is made from 6061 T6 extruded aluminium with hardened steel/stainless steel pins. The rigging design allows inter cabinet array angles of up to 14 degrees, whilst the subwoofer rigging is fixed at zero degrees splay angle, as the delay in each cabinet is available to create different radiation patterns as needed.

P.Audio has also recently developed the Line series of loudspeakers for overcoming difficult acoustic environments, consisting of the 2LINE-6, 3LINE-C and 2LINE-SUB. Available in black or white and enclosed in a heavy-duty steel cabinet with a steel grille, the 2LINE-6 is a high directivity vertical column array. It incorporates six closely-spaced 2-inch neodymium-based dynamic transducers offering controlled polar lobing and tight pattern control. A rear-mounted switch allows the system impedance to be changed between 4 and 16 ohms. The 4-ohm setting is intended for use when maximum amplifier power is required. The 16-ohm setting allows four cabinets to be parallel linked, either when a 4-ohm stable amplifier is used or when the accompanying 2LINE-Sub is adopted lower power applications.

The addition of the active 10-inch 2LINE-Sub to the 2LINE-6 provides full range audio reproduction. An internal Class-D amplifier with two 300W outputs comes with a universal Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS). Eight switchable EQ presets on the amplifier panel allow different voicing modes with the 2LINE-6, including one preset optimised for use with the spoken word. Constructed of dense plywood with a steel grille and finished with a thick splatter coat the 2LINE-Sub comes with two recessed handles on the side of the cabinet.

Designed for fixed installations, the 3LINE-C comprises eight 3-inch woofers in a vertical array for defined pattern control and six 1-inch soft dome tweeters mounted in front of the woofers for added high frequency extension. The loudspeaker can be paired with the XT-15A SUB for low frequency support, using the dedicated 3LINE preset. The XT-15A SUB offers DSP parameters and integrates a two-channel amplifier that dedicates one channel to powering the 3LINE-C and the other for the subwoofer.

The 3LINE-C enclosure is made from folded steel and incorporates folds in the side walls to improve strength together with butyl rubber damping materials to prevent resonances. Finished in black or white, the 3LINE-C is both zinc plated and covered with powder coated paint to prevent cabinet corrosion.


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