Panasonic goes ultra-compact with laser projectors

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Panasonic goes ultra-compact with laser projectors

Panasonic has turned to laser phosphor light sources for seven ultra-compact 1-Chip DLP projectors. The range comes across three families of projectors, the PT-RZ970 series, comprising three models up to 10,400 lumens, the PT-RZ770 series, consisting of two models up to 7,200 lumens, and the PT-RZ660 series, with two models up to 6,200 lumens. Each of the series are designed for low maintenance, making them particularly suited to use within a house of worship.

The projectors from all three series have been built with dust-resistant and airtight optical drives, reportedly removing the need for filters or replacing lamps. The manufacturer states that this provides up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free service.

Also of note is the multi-projector sync feature, which interlocks the shutter functions and dynamic contrast of all projectors connected over a network. Detail Clarity Processor 3 and System Daylight View 3 technology are included for use in bright locations and in mapping applications, while the projectors’ hybrid wheel technology works to maximise colour reproduction and reduce energy loss from the light source.

At the other end of the lumen-spectrum, Panasonic has designed the PT-RQ32K laser projector to operate at 27,000 centre lumens with a resolution of 5120x3200. The manufacturer has included its pixel-shifting quad pixel drive technology within the 240Hz projector, while incorporating a heat-resistant phosphor wheel design.

The frame-free stacking and eye-bolt rigging capabilities of the PT-RQ32K takes away the need for custom mounting-frames. Power management functionality, a laser light source hybrid shutter and a quick on/off mechanical shutter have also been added

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