PMC grows ATL

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PMC grows ATL

PMC Speakers has expanded its Advanced Transmission Line (ATL) of loudspeakers with the addition to two new additions to its Main Monitors range. Unveiled at NAMM 2017, the British manufacturer states that the MB3 and BB6 are the result of feedback from industry professionals, producers and engineers for ‘ultra-high-resolution active monitors with digital and analogue inputs, designed for freestanding or soffit-mounted use in recording, mixing, mastering and outside broadcast applications’.

Both monitors are available in single- (MB3-A and BB6-A) or twin-cabinet (MB3 XBD-A and BB6 XBD-A) versions and feature Class-D amplification. The manufacturer has included its drivers and DSP technology within the MB3 and BB6, both of which are built to further improve imaging and dispersion.

Building on the designs of the MB2 and BB5 monitors respectively, the MB3 and BB6 feature PMC’s hand-constructed 34mm soft-dome tweeter and 75mm fabric mid-range driver, as well as Radial’s low-frequency driver, developed specifically for use with ATL systems with an exposed exoskeleton to dissipate unwanted heat. The MB3 houses a 12-inch driver, while the BB6 possesses a 15-inch version for flat responses down to 20Hz and 17Hz respectively.

The twin-cabinet units are stated to offer 3dB more headroom than their single-cabinet counterparts. For example, the MB3 XBD-A has a stated maximum SPL of 129dB, while the BB6 XBD-A is said to produce 131dB. Amplification of each unit is via Control 1200 and Power 2400 Class-D amplifiers and each channel is powered by a single Control 1200 and a Power 2400, with the exception of the BB6 XBD-A, which has an additional Power 2400 dedicated to the 15-inch bass driver.

For users running multi-channel systems, dedicated centre-channel versions of the MB3 and BB6 are also available, with PMC noting that ‘subwoofers are not required, as the 20 to 60Hz sub-bass frequency range is already comprehensively covered’.

While providing shelving EQ and four presets, the DSP incorporated into each MB3 and BB6 monitor is designed to optimise driver response, maximising dispersion and ‘guarantees a flawless 24dB-per-octave crossover’. Presets can be are accessed via a wired RJ-45 desktop remote control that is bundled with each model and allows input switching and shelving EQ adjustments to be made from the listening position.

The cabinets themselves are constructed from highly braced, resonance-damped Medite MDF board panel sheets, with offset HF and MF drivers, radiused edges and acoustically absorbent StealthBaffles around the perimeter.

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