Powersoft targets mid-sized installs with Quattrocanali

Published: PRODUCTS

With the launch of the Quattrocanali Series, Powersoft has reportedly completed its Installation Series, which already comprised the 2-channel Duecanali and 8-channel Ottocanali Series. Quattrocanali translating from Italian as four-channel, the new series therefore sits between its exiting Installation Series siblings and is designed for medium applications where the channel count is limited but the need exists for a product to work with Hi-Z and Lo-Z systems.

The new 1U 4-channel amplifier platform consists of three models: the Quattrocanali 4804, 2404 and 1204. The 4804 operates at either 1200W per channel @ 8-ohms, 1500W per channel @ 2-ohms or 3000W bridged @ 4-ohms, while the 2404 runs at 600W per channel @ 8-ohms, 800W per channel @ 2-ohms or 1200W bridged @ 4-ohms and the 1204 achieves 300W per channel @ 8-ohms, 500W per channel @ 2-ohms or1000W bridged @ 4-ohms. All are available in DSP and non-DSP versions.

Each unit includes the Italian manufacturer’s switch-mode power supply with power factor correction in addition to smart rail management and bridgeable switch mode fixed frequency Class-D output circuit topology. The switch-mode power supply is designed to reduce the environmental impact of the product and is what reportedly allows for these units to fit inside a 1U enclosure.

The amplifiers are remote controllable via a web app and Armonìa over Wi-Fi or Cat-5, and can also be setup offline. They feature a customisable interface that is able to display all devices on a single screen.

Powersoft has also added to the Duecanali range with the release of the Duecanali 1602. This new 2-channel model differs from the existing Duecanali versions, which are based on the K Series, and is said to be more in line with the Quattrocanali Series. It is reportedly able to drive low impedance loads (2-, 40 and 8-ohms) and 70V/100V distributed lines selectable per channel. It offers 16 possible output configurations, the option for network audio expansion via the Dante protocol with a capacity of 4x4 channels and has a per channel maximum output power of 800W @ 8-ohms, 800W @ 4-ohms, 1000W @ 2-ohms, 2000W @ 8-ohms bridged, 1600W @ 4-ohms bridged, 800W @ 100V and 800W @ 70V.


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