RCF tilts into position

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RCF tilts into position

RCF has extended its column array line source series with the advent of the NXL44-A. Combining three 10-inch neodymium woofers with a 1.4-inch exit driver coupled on an asymmetrical waveguide in the HF section, the components are tuned to deliver uniform coverage over an extended frequency range. The manufacturer claims that the asymmetrical design of the horn projects sound energy with great accuracy, thus avoiding undesired reflections, whilst the 90-degree x30-degree directivity (+5-degrees, -25-degrees) ensures the enclosure always remains vertical and hence bypasses the need for tilting the cabinet in a manner that would affect its stability. The 3-inch voice coil of the ND 840 large format compression driver allows a crossover point of 800Hz to deliver the majority of the vocal range to create enhanced coverage and dispersion control. The HF horn design also promotes the use of two NXL44-A columns to be cascaded as a stacked array for enhanced control over directivity in challenging acoustical surroundings. Integral DSP with optimised phase response offers precision control, whilst a two-channel Class–D bi-amped 700W RMS digital amplifier powers both the HF and LF sections. Fixing points can be used for rigging hardware in fixed installations, although the cabinet can also be applied in portable/live PA sound applications.

The Italian manufacturer has further enhanced its D-Line HD series by incorporating MK4-generation technology. The HD10-A MK4 and HD12-A MK4 active 10- and 12-inch models incorporate RCF’s latest transducer technology, which can reportedly increase the power of the cabinets to 1,400W. The inclusion of FiRPhase technology, proprietary and advanced FIR and advanced FIR filtering, promises transparent clarity. Whilst optimising dynamics, amplitude and phase patterns, the FiRPhase algorithm minimises latency in the system. Two M10 and three M6 threaded inserts provide mounting hardware options.

Designed specifically for creating compact subwoofer satellite systems requiring high SPL levels up to 133dB, RCF has also added the SUB 905-AS II to its active subwoofer family. The new model incorporates a 15-inch woofer with a 3-inch voice coil together with an 1,100W RMS digital amplifier. The input section comes with stereo XLR inputs and stereo XLR link-crossover outputs with switchable crossover frequencies for satellite systems. Built-in DSP with selectable presets offer plug and play configurations with RCF’s active 12- and 15-inch ART7, 4PRO and D-Line active speakers. Further features include DSP processing with factory presets and selectable crossover, gain and delay.

Alongside this, the SUB 8003-AS II, also an active subwoofer featuring the manufacturer’s latest woofer technology and DSP processing, boasts an 18-inch woofer with a 2,200W digital amplifier and 135dB maximum SPL. It features stereo XLR inputs and outputs and is designed to offer a ‘blend of bass reproduction, high SPL and compact dimensions for mobile use’, targeting bands and DJs in particular.


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