RedX integrates SSA technology

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RedX integrates SSA technology

Combining Class-A audio quality with higher than Class-D levels of efficiency, RedX has unveiled its single stage Class-SSA amplification platform. Class-D amplifier designs consist of a Rectifier, PFC, SMPS and then Class-D output stage. In contrast, Class-SSA is a direct DC to AC conversion of energy, combining the conventional SMPS/Class-D sections into what the manufacturer describes as a more efficient ‘Single Stage Class-A’ topology.

The ‘ZVS’ (zero voltage switching) and ‘ZCS’ (zero current switching) technology employed in Class-SSA minimises the output stage energy losses, reportedly resulting in a higher efficiency performance compared to Class-D. Class-SSA also offers true bi-directional energy flow, returning the inverse energy generated by the loudspeaker back to the amplifier for re-use and establishing what RedX calls ‘a new standard for sustainable amplifier energy efficiency’.

Audio amplification has become more efficient, as the technology has progressed from Class-A through Class-AB to Class-D. However, distortions have crept into each new development. The manufacturer claims that Class-SSA offers a ‘no-compromise Class-A sonic performance’.

RedX is also offering a PoE based amplifier product line. The PoE amplifier is fully IEEE802.3 compatible providing 9W RMS or 35W peak (af) or 20W RMS/70W peak (at).

Another RedX product line has been specifically designed for performers wishing to connect stage instruments, laptops and other portable sources via the Dante network to a digital mixing console or DSP processor. The product is a PoE/Dante-enabled DI box featuring both a high impedance musical instrument input, as well as a standard Mic/Line (with stereo audio) input.

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