Reinvention at Renkus-Heinz

Published: PRODUCTS

Reinvention at Renkus-Heinz

Renkus-Heinz has reinvented a pair of its notable loudspeaker series. The new C Series loudspeakers, designed for installed sound applications, are the next generation of the CF and CFX Series, while the T Series evolves from the TRX Series and targets both installations and live sound.

The C Series aims to serve as a ‘cost-effective solution for theatres and performing arts spaces, houses of worship, multiuse venues and public spaces’. Formed from a multitude of systems, the range is divided between CA (amplified) and CX (passive) models, all of which are available in a black or white finish. They also include the latest version of Renkus-Heinz’ Complex Conic Horns with updated drivers.

Meanwhile, the T Series is also split between powered (TA Series) and passive (TX Series) models and includes the latest Complex Conic Horn technology. Where this range differs is that each system is built to order with customisation options including myriad horn patterns, as well as colour matching and weather resistant finishes. T Series cabinets also contain redesigned HF and LF drivers.

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