Remote iPhone App for journalists from Digigram

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Remote iPhone App for journalists from Digigram

Digigram has introduced an iPhone App for remote audio over IP field contribution named IQOYA *Mobile.

The manufacturer claims that if a journalist invests in the App, he or she will not need to travel with any bulky, expensive equipment when wishing to record and transmit professional-quality audio reports.

The IQOYA *Mobile works by ‘transforming’ a users iPhone into a high quality MPEG-2 L2 and AAC recorder/editor, mobile IP codec. Using an iPhone with the App, journalists can record and edit audio, add content and send files to a studio. All that is required is a 3G or WiFi internet connection.

When establishing a connection from an iPhone to a studio equipped with a 100 per cent software codec such as IQOYA V*Call, Digigram states that broadcasters can take advantage of a complete end-to-end software solution. IQOYA V*Call is an IP audio codec running on any laptop or desktop PC, and is fully optimised to interface with IQOYA *Mobile.

Both solutions are N/ACIP compliant, offering ‘seamless’ interoperability and a wide choice of audio codecs to match typical broadcasters’ audio quality/bandwidth usage requirements. The App is also compatible with third party IP codecs in N/ACIP mode or RTP symmetrical mode.

Digigram has also engineered a mic preamp extension (to be plugged into the iPhone headphone/mic jack), which will allow journalists to use their preferred microphones during interviews.

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