Riedel SmartPannel now more than an intercom

Published: PRODUCTS

Riedel SmartPannel now more than an intercom

Riedel is claiming that its MediorNet Control App makes the RSP-2318 SmartPanel multifunctional user interface ‘much more than an intercom solution’. With the Intercom and MediorNet Control apps running in parallel, the SmartPanel serves as an A/V control system.

According to the manufacturer, by equipping the SmartPanel with the app, users can consolidate two panels into one panel that provides full intercom and control functionality. The company goes on to state that the new app has ‘closed the loop between communications and real-time media routing’. In addition to linking the SmartPanel directly into the MediorNet network as a dedicated control panel, the new app – in combination with the existing Intercom App – reportedly gives users simultaneous intercom functionality, enabling them to route, control, and communicate all at once using a single 1U system.


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