Ross Video announces ‘breakthrough’ switcher with Acuity

Published: PRODUCTS

Ross Video announces ‘breakthrough’ switcher with Acuity

Described as a ‘breakthrough’, the Acuity production switcher has debuted from Ross Video, intended for larger applications. It accommodates all current production formats as well as full 3G 1080P and 4K.

Physically, the FPGA-based switcher comprises six modular, customisable control panels, plus a 16:9 touchscreen menu and on-panel menu controls. It comes with two production engines in the shape of a 4RU frame with six MEs/Dual Head MultiViewers and 60 x 40 I/O, or the 8RU version boasting 120 x 60 I/O and eight MEs/Dual Head MultiViewers.

Also new from Ross is the XPression Brand-it automated, rules-based branding workflow server, which is intended for multi-channel environments. Created in cooperation with VDS, Brand-it reportedly offers ‘tight integration with automation and traffic systems’. It is intended for creating 3D on-screen branding on-the-fly, taking metadata from a playlist then using it to populate graphic templates. It uses the manufacturer’s XPression BlueBox engine for graphic creation.

Elsewhere, Ross has released free software upgrades for Carbonite, enabling it to be switched to 3G whilst also opening the door to 4K. Once Carbonite is in 3G mode, its MiniMEs can be used for UHD (4K) production by turning on MultiScreen mode. Due to the increased data load in 3G mode, the number of DVEs is reduced from eight to four, while the maximum number of MultiViewer windows is reduced from 16 to 10. All other resources remain the same.

Carbonite also now supports 2.5 ME operation via a software upgrade for all two ME systems, meaning users of Carbonite 2 ME can run MiniMEs or a traditional .5 ME with a full program/preview bus that has two downstream keyers and a third key for animated media transitions.

Finally, two new three ME panels have been added to Carbonite, named the 3S and 3X. The 3S is a 24-button panel adding a third ME row, while the 3X has all the features of the 3S with the addition of 32 source select buttons, ME row selection buttons and eight custom bank select buttons.

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