Second-generation FS7 camcorder adds auto variable ND

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Second-generation FS7 camcorder adds auto variable ND

A new model geared towards documentary and independent film production has been the latest addition to Sony’s FS Series of Super 35m camcorders. The PXW-FS7 II builds on the success of the original FS7 camera by adding electronic variable ND (Non-Density) technology, a lever lock-type E-mount and a new mechanical design.

According to Sony, the FS7 II’s electronic variable ND Filter systems provides greater exposure control compared to the previous generation model, with the option of either preset or variable operation. Variable ND mode allows users to adjust the density of the ND filter during shooting while reportedly achieving a seamless transition between steps. This expanded ND functionality reportedly results in the ability to provide fine adjustment of the exposure by relegating iris to set the depth of field, preventing soft focus caused by diffraction and colour shift caused by stacking multiple external ND filters. Preset mode lets users assign three ND settings to the filter turret for selecting the most appropriate filtration range for changing light conditions. Auto ND mode keeps the exposure at a fixed level while adjusting the depth of field with iris control.

The new E-mount level lock means that users can change lenses by rotating the locking collar instead of the lens itself, saving time during production. Accompanying the new E-mount is also a new Super 35mm lens with an 18 to 110 focal range (6x zoom). Finally, the camera supports the XQD memory card format for high-bandwidth and high resolution file transfer. Sony’s latest 256GB XQD card, QD-G256E, gives users 45 minutes of recording 4K 60P and 3.5 hours at 2K 30P.

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