Sennheiser releases new camera mics

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Sennheiser releases new camera mics

A stereo camera microphone, Sennheiser’s MKE 440 employs a stereo principle that predominantly picks up the sound from within the camera angle, reportedly capturing focused stereo sound from the filmed subject. The manufacturer states that it has designed the MKE 440 with two of ‘the most compact stereo shotgun microphones on the market’ and to tackle issues regularly experienced by DSLR users, saving production time and effort.

The two shotgun mics are internally shock-mounted for a reduction on handling noise and arranged in a V-formation, which allows the MKE 440 to focus on picking up the sound from the direction of filming, rejecting most off-axis noise. The shotgun microphones are shielded from wind noise by way of a stainless steel micromesh and feature super-cardioid pick-up patterns.

Powered by two AAA batteries that reportedly offer over 100 hours of operating time, the MKE 440 attaches via standard camera shoe mounts. It includes a three-level sensitivity switch as well as a switchable low-cut filter.

Sennheiser has also unveiled an action camera microphone for use with GoPro cameras, designed to withstand the adverse conditions and to even be able to record audio under water. The development of the action microphone comes as part of the manufacturer’s participation in GoPro’s Developer Programme, providing Sennheiser with the toolkit to produce third-party products that integrate with GoPro cameras.

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