Smaller, but still Smart

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Smaller, but still Smart

The SmartBoom Lite series of headsets reportedly retains the ‘features, comfort and reliability’ of its larger sibling, Pliant Technologies’ SmartBoom Pro headset series, while providing them within a smaller form factor. Comprising 4-pin XLR female, 5-pin XLR male and unterminated versions, the Lite series is designed to deliver enhanced acoustic isolation while incorporating a single-ear design with a closed back that makes it a lightweight option. A flexible mic boom provides a dynamic cardioid microphone with noise-cancelling capabilities.

As with the Pro models and as the name suggests, the Lite versions make use of the manufacturer’s SmartBoom technology that enables the microphone boom to serve as quick muting on/off switch. Each of series’ headsets are finished in rubberised matte black and include an adjustable headband to offer an comfortable fit. A replaceable ear pad and 150cm cable are supplied.

The CoachComm division has also introduced CrewCom to the world: a wireless intercom solution designed to enable high user density, large range and scalability. The manufacturer also states that the system includes the ‘smallest fully-featured professional full-duplex wireless radio pack’, offering ‘excellent voice quality and multiple simultaneous frequency’.

The system is built on a ‘highly scalable’ platform and comprises a family of devices to facilitate any size and type of application. The products that form the solution are available in 2.4GHz and 900MHz versions – the 900MHz versions are limited to use in areas that the band is legal. These frequency ranges can be used in any combination simultaneously on a single system.

To provide the system with a network on which to operate, Pliant has developed CrewNet, which coordinates all of CrewCom’s system timing, audio, signalling and controls and provides a means of transport. It can operate on a standard Cat-5e cable or higher, and across single mode lines of fibre. The manufacturer has also produced CrewWare as a software package for CrewCom, delivering offline configuration, online control and real-time monitoring for each device within the setup.

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