Sound Devices provides users with a Wingman

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Sound Devices provides users with a Wingman

The Wingman App provides an option for wireless remote control functionality for Sound Devices’ 6-Series. The iOS app allows users to stop and start recordings, input and edit metadata and disarm and rename tracks when connected the manufacturer’s WM-Connect accessory. Users are also given the ability to create, manage and email sound reports as .csv files via the touch-screen of their iPhone or iPad.

The WM-Connect hardware accessory is a Bluetooth-enabled smart USB device that can be connected to any 6-Series mixer that is running firmware version 4.000 or later. When connected to multiple 6-Series mixers via WM-Connect, Wingman will then display the available devices and enable the user to switch from one mixer to another. The dongle can also connect to the CL-12 linear fader controller’s keyboard port.

In other news, products from Sound Devices now also work seamlessly with those from Ambient Recording. The collaboration comes as part of a recent firmware update to both Sound Devices’ 6-Series mixer and recorders, and Ambient Recording’s ACN Network System, providing the former with wireless remote control and enhanced workflow functionality.

With the products of the two manufacturers combined, the ACN Network System delivers remote transport control, metadata editing, and time code functionality to the 6-Series. This means that the Sound Devices 633, 664 and 688 can be controlled remotely via the Remote tab in Ambient Recording’s Master Lockit web interface, while simultaneously feeding critical metadata into the ACN Network System.

The remote control functionality offered by this joint setup includes record start/stop, track naming, track arming and metadata entry for current and upcoming clips. Setup involves connecting the ACN-ML Master Lockit to the USB port of any of the 6-Series models either directly or by way of the USB keyboard port featured on the CL-12 linear fader controller, an optional accessory to 6-Series devices.

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