Stealth Core2 applied to entire DiGiCo SD range

Published: PRODUCTS

Stealth Core2 applied to entire DiGiCo SD range

UK-based console manufacturer DiGiCo has announced Stealth Core2, an upgrade to the existing Stealth Digital Processing system that has sat at the heart of DiGiCo desks since the company’s rise to prominence. The update will reportedly ‘release additional processing from the audio core of every DiGiCo SD console’ and can be fitted to all existing console surfaces. The upgrade is being made available as an option for all existing users.

According to the company, benefits across the SD range include a revamped application code which provides more processing power and a new GUI, greater FPGA processing power, and full dynamic EQ on every channel and buss. In terms of specific desks, meanwhile, the SD9 sees a rise in channel count from 48 to 96 channels at 96kHz, while the number of processing strips on an SD7 becomes 600 at 96kHz. Additionally, DiGiCo has declared that the update moves the SD5EX to a level matching the current SD7.

Meanwhile, a new version of the SD5 has been unveiled. Named the SD5cs, the console will boast ‘a full compliment’ of Dynamic EQ, multi-band compressors, and DiGiTuBe emulators plus expanded I/O.