Studio upgrades

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Studio upgrades

The third generation of PreSonus’ StudioLive consoles and recorders are described as ‘the result of nine years of R&D’. StudioLive Series III launches with two models: StudioLive 16 and StudioLive 32.

With 16 channels, StudioLive 16 possesses 16 channels and 17 motorised faders with the same number of recallable XMAX preamps. Comparably, the 32 model has 33 of both the faders and XMAX preamps. The consoles include 24 and 40 inputs respectively.

StudioLive Series III consoles are installed with the manufacturer’s Capture multitrack recording software, recording up to 34 tracks to the onboard SD recorder. Updated for Series III is the Fat Channel processing function, which includes a plug-in-style workflow, and added is six-band parametric EQ on all mix outputs.

Another addition is Scene Safe, which when activates on a designated channel, will not allow for the adjustment of settings on that channel. To aid in practicality, Fat Channels now reportedly resemble scenes for individual channels. The new consoles also provide 16 FlexMixes in addition to four fixed subgroups, that can be assigned as aux, subgroups or matrix mixes.

PreSonus has also released the Studio 26 and Studio 68 USB 2.0 audio/MIDI interfaces, both of which are described as offering a UHD recording solution at an entry-level price point. Both record at up to 24-bit and 192kHz, while featuring the manufacturer’s preamps, digital converters and clocking, as well as MIDI I/O. Studio One Artist DAW software comes bundled with both devices.

On the loudspeaker front, PreSonus has added to its ULT line with the launch of the ULT10 long-throw, powered loudspeaker. As with the ULT12 and 15, the ULT10 is designed for both mobile use and fixed installations. It incorporates a rotatable Pivot X110 horn and a 10-inch low-frequency driver with a 2.5-inch voice coil and is driven by a 1,300W Class-D amplifier reportedly producing 130dB SPL and a frequency range between 60Hz and 18kHz.

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