Symetrix composes Dante setup

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Symetrix composes Dante setup

Symetrix has released an update to its Composer programming software for its Edge, Radius and Prism DSPs, with v5.1 natively configuring the setup and routing of the software manufacturer’s Dante I/O expanders, as well as third party Dante devices. Integrators can reportedly use Composer v5.1 to program a complete end-to-end DSP signal path.

Composer v5.1 has been designed for quicker and simpler editing of Dante channel names, with the software’s Dante Flow Manager functionality and site file reports enabling the consolidation of information on transmit and receive channels. This, the software house states, provides a single report completely detailing Dante utilisation.

DSP and workflow enhancements that v5.1 brings to Symetrix Composer include upgrades to the AEC set-up screen, improved AEC double-talk performance and comfort-noise quality, an increase in tail length to 300ms, and expanded Flex EQ modules to support up to 32 bands. Embedded server audio metering and diagnostics support has also been added to Composer with v5.1, reportedly simplifying the troubleshooting process of any Composer-designed system to launching a web browser and entering a specific unit’s IP address.

Meanwhile, the All Controls tab makes for more accessible information within the software’s Remote Control Manager, listing site file parameters. ARCs and Remote Control Numbers have also been separated into their own individual tabs.

In contrast to the network-based changes to Composer, the Solus NX family has been designed to serve in standalone DSP applications that don’t require Dante network audio. The open architecture addition reportedly provides the same DSP power and delay memory as the manufacturer’s Radius, Prism and Edge DSPs.

The series includes the Solus NX 4x4, 8x8 and 16x8, which differ only in the number of analogue audio inputs and outputs. As with Symetrix’ other DSPs, the Solus NX range is compatible with its Composer CAD-based design software. Composers’ Remote Control Manager provides a central hub for all aspects of control, reportedly listing every parameter in the site file. An embedded server enables metering and diagnostics support.

All three units also feature a high-resolution graphic OLED which displays system status and metering. A single push-button is used to navigate menus.

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