Tendzone brings quiet to the classroom

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Tendzone brings quiet to the classroom

The Nereus 0402E digital audio processor has been designed by Tendzone for sound systems in educational facilities. The solution reportedly creates a quiet environment for a classroom space by eliminating ambient noise. It processes mixes for multiple audio inputs, noise suppression of MIC inputs, and feedback cancellation from MIC inputs. The device features two MIC inputs, an XLR-F port, a max gain of 50db with a manual adjustment knob, two line inputs and two line out RCA ports at standard line level.

The processor features an audio algorithm that provides adaptive ambient noise suppression and adaptive feedback cancellation, as well as a plug and play operating mode that removes the field-debugging link. Quick adjustment buttons and feedback cancellation on/off buttons are designed to give the Nereus 0402E increased flexibility.

Tendzone has also released the Eagles Series of Dante compatible audio interfaces, designed to deliver an economic solution for distributed audio transmission. The Eagles 04, 40 and 44 units achieve connection with a power supply and the data source via either a Cat-5 or Cat-6 cable. Each of the audio interfaces in the series also come with a variety of inputs and outputs, providing the user with a degree of flexibility and are built for use with all types of audio transmission applications.

All three models possess four line outputs and a 3.81-phoenix terminal, 802.3a standard Ethernet power switch, three-colour indicators that display signal, clipping and channel muting, RS-232 bi-directional control port and two GPIO support process with support for an external 24VDC power supply as well as dual 1000m-network access. In addition to this, both the Eagles 40 and 44 offer balanced mic/line inputs, input for adjustable gain and +48V phantom power, and support access for line level, moving coil and capacitor microphones, with gain control via a software suite.


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