The Dominos hit the deck

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The Dominos hit the deck

The new Domino Series from K-Array is a line of full-range stainless steel loudspeakers that offer plug-and-play functionality and the ability to driven by any amplifier.

The series comprises three full-range models, the KF26, KF210 and KF212. The KF26 is the smallest of the three and measures less than 12cm deep.

It houses a 6-inch woofer and a 2-inch neodymium magnet woofer coaxially mounted plus a 6-inch passive radiator to extend the bass response. The KF26 has a selectable impedance (8/32) and 90° horizontal and vertical coverage. It can reportedly be can be transformed into a self-powered speaker just by inserting the specific amplifier accessory, KA1-FF. It offers a maximum of 109dB, making it ideal for ideal for smaller installations.

Stepping up in size, the KF210 has a 10-inch woofer and a 3-inch neodymium magnet woofer coaxially mounted in addition to a 10-inch passive radiator. Like the KF26, the KF210 has selectable impedance and wide vertical and horizontal coverage.

The largest in the series at 20cm-deep, the KF212 comprises a 12-inch coaxial transducer with a titanium dome and a 12-inch passive radiator and is stated for use in cubs and lounges.

While wall brackets ship with the cabinets, there are also a range of optional accessories available for each model, such as a flush mount recessing frame to further hide the speakers. All three models can also be covered in K-Array’s 24K gold-plated finish in addition to the standard black and white renderings.

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