TouchMix goes pro

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TouchMix goes pro

QSC is targeting both production professionals and live performance venues with the newest addition to its TouchMix Series, the TouchMix-30 Pro. A 32-channel compact digital mixer, the device has been designed with an ‘enhanced feature set’ that will reportedly deliver an intuitive workflow for professional production and live applications. The manufacturer stated that the mixer is also suitable for musicians and bands.

The unit’s 32 mixing channels comprise 24 mic/line, six line, stereo and USB. In addition to increasing the number of channels when compared to its predecessors, the TouchMix-30 Pro has 16 outputs that add to the level of flexibility it offers in terms of signal management.

Also included are what the manufacturer refers to as the ‘pro features’, from which the console takes part of its name. These include: a 10-inch multi-touch touchscreen, anti-feedback and room tuning wizards, a pair of real-time analysers, a touch-and-route patch matrix and eight sub-groups with 6-band full parametric EQ as well as 32-channel direct-to-hard drive record and playback functionality, a 32-Channel DAW interface for Apple computers and USB MP3 playback. Also featured are 24 Class-A mic preamps, 14 mono mixes that can be paired for stereo, 120 presets and six stereo effects processors

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