ULX-D patch adds security and stability

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ULX-D patch adds security and stability

Firmware update 2.0.19 for Shure’s ULX-D digital wireless systems provides support for the manufacturer’s Access Control functionality, which protects systems from unauthorised changes. This is because it allows a user to assign a PIN to networked devices, while the software will monitor them and only grant access to those that enter the correct authentication code. The update also reportedly provides improvements to audio stability in marginal RF conditions, as well as a Codec fix to repair a high-pitch noise issue.

Those who download the update, found on the Shure website, are advised to complete the procedure for both receivers and transmitters as version 2.0.19 and any following releases will not be backwards compatible with older 1.X firmware versions. Also included is an update to the system’s Dante software, in addition to myriad minor bug fixes.


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