Universally compatible backboxes from Crestron

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Universally compatible backboxes from Crestron

The BBI-UNIV-A and BBI-UNIV-B are two new universally compatible backboxes from Crestron. The new models are said to save time for integrators during the installation process, and have been designed to suit an array of devices including Crestron in-wall iPad docs and Excite 5.25-inch and 6.5-inch in-wall speakers.

Designed for multi-purpose use, Crestron states that the backboxes represent a common solution for all territories. The models come in two sizes to ensure that they are compatible with a wide selection of products from the manufacturer.

Installation requires a suitable opening in a wall, and once the cables have been fed through with the conduit, the housing is then securely fastened. Once in place, the equipment (such as a touch screen, Excite speaker, or an iPad docking station) can be simply clamped to it, or can be secured into the mineral fibreboard with screws.

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