‘Unprecedented’ bitrate reduction from Beamr Video

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‘Unprecedented’ bitrate reduction from Beamr Video

Promising to deliver an ‘unprecedented’ 75 per cent bitrate reduction, Beamr has released Beamr Video, a technology that facilitates the delivery of high quality video using standard H.264 video streaming.

In fact, Beamr Video is capable of supporting any resolution up to 4K UltraHD, and although it boasts a significantly reduced bitrate, the manufacturer stresses that this does not affect perceptual quality. The optimised streams retain the full resolution, quality and standard H.264 format of the original streams, and can reduce the required bitrate for full HD streaming to around 3-4Mbps.

Beamr Video streams are fully industry standard H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC) streams, and therefore can be played by any media player, browser or consumer device without installing special software. This facilitates the seamless delivery of higher quality video with a fast start and continuous streaming experience over low bandwidth channels to fixed and mobile destinations.

The technology is automatic, safe and ensures that video content is packaged at maximum quality with the minimum number of bits. While the upcoming HEVC (H.265) standard promises up to 50 per cent bitrate reduction compared to H.264, Beamr Video is capable of higher reduction ratios of H.264 streams today, without requiring the installation of new clients.

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