V__pro gets more powerful

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V__pro gets more powerful

According to German broadcaster manufacturer Lawo, its V__pro8 video processing tool is now more powerful thanks to its latest update. The tool allows users to connect different video formats as well as to connect between audio and video. While increasing its features-per-RU density, the platform also includes an updated A/V sync tool which, in addition to the native V__line sync pattern and the EBU pattern, can now also read the Vistek VALID8 format. Additionally, the integrated quad-split multiviewer now also features multi-coloured Tally lamps, switchable via Ember+, which allows for the integration of MV tally in the overall tally system of an installation.

The 19-inch device provides an internal 8x8 video routing matrix and a 384x384 audio matrix and features in-built frame-synchronisers that are syncing the incoming independent free running signals to the same reference (Blackburst or TriLevel), whereas the variable video and audio delays are for compensating latencies and providing lip-sync match between incoming or outgoing audio (up to 320 ms delay) and video (up to 8 frames delay) signals. In order to automatically compensate for the internal video latency, the manufacturer states there is an internal AudioFollowVideo delay mode available.

The V__pro8 provides embedders with SRC to embed, de-embed and shuffle any of the 16 audio channels within the eight SDI I/O streams simultaneously, while interfacing the audio to mixing consoles or external audio routers via Madi. Additionally, the Dolby E Auto Aligner automatically adjusts the timing of Dolby streams, and the V__pro8 can be enhanced with a Dolby E Encoding/Decoding option that provides fully-compatible en-/decoding of multichannel audio on a single AES3 connection with Dolby E metadata handling. The surround Downmix provides two automated Lawo-quality 5.1/7.1 to stereo downmixes per embedder. With the timecode insertion capabilities, users can choose between ATC LTC / VITC1 / VITC2 insertion from an input signal or free run mode or from internal timecode generator.

The test pattern and video ID generator provide video ID insertions (text, source, date, timecode, time of day) and colour bar test patterns as well as a selection of audio test tones and A/V Sync test patterns. The unit can be further enhanced with optional features such as up/down/cross and AR format converter, quadsplit multiviewer, waveform and vectorscope displays, RGB & YUV colour-correction and proc-amp.


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