Wireless Workbench update offers remote control

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Wireless Workbench update offers remote control

Shure has announced version 6.12 of its Wireless Workbench, which allows the system control software to connect to devices from a remote location, outside of a local network. The manufacturer states that the update has been made so that the software can be used in environments where devices are managed in separate subnets.

Version 6.12 also brings new functionality to assist users in better managing and monitoring wireless system performance over the network, as well as a new logging utility which has been designed to capture channel status information over time. The logging utility records RF level, antenna status, audio level, interference, ShowLink and battery level, and allows the user to view the recorded data, enabling troubleshooting of wireless system operation and the ability to determine the source of any issues.

Additionally, a new set of frequency coordination enhancements have been made with version 6.12, such as the Scan Peak Management facility, the ability to manually ignore IMD spacing parameters, and the Customisable Coordination Order function.

In other news, Shure has produced VHF versions of its ULX-D and QLX-D digital wireless systems. The new systems possess the same features and functions as their UHF counterparts, while providing users with what the manufacturer describes as an ‘alternative to the increasingly crowded UHF TV band’ with 42MHz of tuning bandwidth.


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