Yamaha targets versatility with HS-I

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Yamaha targets versatility with HS-I

Yamaha has expanded the range of applications its HS Series studio monitors can be used for by adding mounting points to create the HS-I range of powered loudspeakers. The decision to create the HS-I range is reportedly due to customer requests for flexible mounting options.

The HS-I range comprises three models – HS5I, HS7I and HS8I – which are all available in a black or white finish. There are also three optional bracket types available – wall, ceiling and baton.

Aside from the new mounting points, the HS-I range is identical to the HS Series. HS enclosures are constructed from MDF, with a dampened acoustic response, and employ a traditional three-way mitred jointing technique. They feature a port design that reportedly reduces audible noise by up to 6dB.

All HS models feature a proprietary Yamaha transducer, a 1-inch dome tweeter and a woofer with large, high quality magnets. The amplifier features a biamp design with separate, dedicated units for both the woofer and tweeter. HS full-range models also feature Room Control and High Trim response controls with settings that the manufacturer states will allow them to adapt to the surface acoustics of rooms of varying shape and size. In addition, they also offer XLR and TRS phone jack inputs.

Yamaha has also added two new models to its EMX Series of integrated mixers. Joining the EMX2 is the EMX5 and EMX7, each adding more power over the other. The mixers deliver 630W and 710W output per-channel respectively and both are equipped with four mono and four mono/stereo inputs, allowing up to eight microphones or line-level sources to be connected. Channel four can be used with Hi-Z inputs for direct connection by instruments such as electric guitars. Both models are also equipped with dual aux sends for monitoring or connecting external effects, as well as stereo TRS phono jacks to output the mixed stereo signal, speaker jacks that can be used with both TS phono and SpeakON connectors, and Rec Out unbalanced RCA output jacks.

In terms of effects, the EMX5 features Yamaha’s 1-knob Master EQ optimised with speech, music and bass boost settings, while the EMX7 integrates flex-type graphic EQ, which allows users to select up to nine bands (of a possible 31) with ±15dB tuning. Both models also include Yamaha’s 1-Knob compressor and a DSP section featuring 24 effects. Also included on the EMX7 is a speaker processor, featuring presets tuned to match various Yamaha passive speaker models, while both feature a Feedback Suppressor that utilises a digital, seven-band notch filter to help eliminate unwanted feedback.


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