AFMG publishes GLL measurement guidelines

Published: WORLD

AFMG publishes GLL measurement guidelines

WORLD: AFMG has released a set of measurement guidelines for its GLL concept, which provides loudspeaker data in the form of description language, as part of its EASE SpeakerLab User’s Guide. The manual is a reference document for all EASE SpeakerLab users and creators of GLLs.

EASE SpeakerLab software allows measured data to be assembled with the mechanical design of loudspeakers to compile GLLs. The new manual provides step-by-step explanations of all of the software’s features. It can be accessed at

In other news, AFMG has relocated to a larger office facility. The new site has been built to accommodate continued staff growth and features state-of-the-art network and communication systems.

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