AIMS surpasses 50 members with three new companies

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AIMS surpasses 50 members with three new companies

WORLD: AIMS has surpassed 50 member companies with the recent addition of Axon, Ross Video and Skyline Communications. It follows a reported steady growth of alliance members, with 13 new companies joining between July and August 2016.

‘Since the foundation of AIMS last December, we have experienced a rapid rate of growth in our membership,’ explained Michael Cronk, AIMS chairman. ‘This reflects a wide and increasing awareness that a common, open standard based approach to IP interoperability is the best way forward.’

Axon designs and markets broadcast equipment for the conversion, processing, routing and compliance recording of audio and video signals. It also boasts multiple international offices and an extensive network of specialist systems integrators. Meanwhile, Ross Video designs and manufactures a range of video production systems for use in broadcast and live event product applications, while Skyline Communications provides multi-vendor network management and OSS solutions internationally for the broadcast, satellite, cable, telco and movie industries.

‘Skyline Communications has been working with leading broadcasters and service providers worldwide for many years to monitor, orchestrate and automate their operations, facilities and networks,’ said Ben Vandenberghe, Skyline CEO. ‘In joining the AIMS initiative, we intend to further support the broadcast industry in establishing and adopting new standards.’

‘Standardisation and interoperability have never been so vital to the broadcast industry. It’s an industry that is at the verge of transitioning to digital workflows, running on a mixture of SDI, all-IP and virtualised infrastructures,’ added Steven Soenens, product marketing director at Skyline Communications. ‘Through our collaboration within the alliance, we wish to further support the simplification, automation and innovation of today’s broadcast operations.’

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