Airstar updates company image

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Airstar updates company image

WORLD: Airstar has unveiled a new brand identity, including the launch of a redesigned website and a new logo. The changes were instigated by the manufacturer’s marketing director, Emilie Chabert-Bailly, who joined the company last year.

‘We recognised that it was time for a brand update which would improve our positioning, and better reflect our values, businesses and ambitions,’ explained Ms Chabert-Bailly. ‘We started by structuring our marketing department, before working on clarifying and simplifying our product range, which is now divided into three clearly distinct activities: lighting, architecture and aerospace. Then we looked at the operational side of things, operating a complete overhaul of our marketing tools including our sales materials and website.’

The new website highlights the clear definition between the inflatable technologies manufacturer’s three core business areas, as visitors are initially met with the choice to explore lighting, architecture or aerospace solutions. For the redesign of the company logo, creative agency Made In Mouse was enlisted.

‘Airstar’s graphic expression had inevitably aged since 1994 and the challenge was to encompass the company’s new markets (aerospace and architecture) while keeping its historical DNA in lighting balloons,’ said David Hairion, president and founder of Made in Mouse. ‘Airstar’s lighting balloon is often described as a portable sun, so we used this allegory as a symbolic and graphic representation.’

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